Workshop: Helen Barker – Developing Harmony with Practices from Structural and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Helen Barker is running a Developing Harmony with Practices from Structural and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy workshop on Saturday, 11 June 2011 from 9.30am – 4.30pm at Radbrook Community Hall in Shrewsbury, SY3 6DJ. BWY Members £30, non-members £35.

Structural Yoga Therapy (SYT) is a form of Classical Yoga compiled by Mukunda Stiles that focuses on adapting the practices to individual needs for health and provides teachings that lead to a spiritual lifestyle.

The day will include Joint Freeing Series (JFS), Optimising Mobility and Strength and Vinyasas from Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy together with mantra, mudra, discussion and relaxation.

Shakti Bhakti (Helen Barker) is a BWY Diploma holder, BWY Foundation Course Tutor and Structural Yoga Therapist.  Shakti has been teaching yoga classes for over 10 years and training yoga teachers since 2001.  She now also works with individual students to assist them develop harmony in their lives.  She has personal experience of the transformative power of Structural Yoga Therapy (SYT) being free from pain and having improved mobility after several years of having an immobile neck and limited use of her left arm following a yoga class injury.

Details and booking contact: Jules Burdett at

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