Benefits of Yoga Class planning

The purpose of teaching Yoga is to ‘teach’: to cause a desirable change in the student through enhanced knowledge, understanding or ability.  Ideally the Yoga lesson should also motivate the student to continue with the practice in the way in which you have taught it. In order to teach effectively most Yoga teachers take time out to plan their lessons for the following reasons:

  • It helps to organise your thinking
  • Increases your confidence, especially early in your career as a Yoga teacher
  • Ensures you keep direction during the class – for example when building up to a peak posture
  • Helps to keep your class objectives in mind – you actually teach what you tell your class you are going to teach
  • When you teach on a termly basis you are able to progressively develop the practices as students become more familier with them
  • Ensures the necessary resources you need are on hand and avoids the anxietyof a last minute rush trying to find props or other bits and pieces you need for the class
  • Serves as an aid for future lessons – especially when combined with making notes after the class

I’m interested to hear how other teachers benefit from planning their lessons, and for those who don’t, what are the obstacles?


Dr ML Gharote and SK Ganguly, Teaching Methods for Yogic Practices, Kaivalyadhama Samiti (1988)

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