Restaurant review – The Good Life, Shrewsbury

The Good Life, 73c Wyle Cop (Barracks Passage), Shrewsbury SY1 1UX, England (01743350455)

The Good Life in Shrewsbury is a vegetarian wholefood institution. This cute little restaurant has been serving up tasty, healthy, homemade food to the ravenous in the town since, well, I’m not sure, but I’ve been eating there since the 1980s.

This is a super little sit-down lunch place for healthy food, served fast whether you are in a hurry during a lunch break from work and fancy a treat, or are catching up with a friend for a couple of hours.

The restaurant is run like a canteen, you pick up a tray and peruse the blackboard menus. The food is a combination of consistent favourites like the stuffed savoury jacket potatoes, nut roasts etc and specials such as spinach moussaka plus a daily quiche and soup offering. A variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes are available (no meat or fish) and the staff are very knowledgeable about ingredients and which dishes suit coeliac or people with different allergies.

There is a choice of nine vibrant salads to accompany your main, and a selection of desserts and drinks.

The kitchen is semi-open so you can see that the food is freshly prepared, as dishes that run out are replaced. The staff are extremely efficient and even manage to squeeze in table service for older people and those less able to stand at the canteen.

The building itself is all beams, cosy pine tables and local art-work with a happy buzz of satisfied punters. There are two floors, with a ladies toilet on the first floor and a gents on the ground floor. Although the place is small, with a couple of steps in to the building and tight corners, the staff and the other customers happily accommodate wheelchairs,  pushchairs and children. Nobody minds if you move the furniture a bit to squeeze your party in. You can also phone through take away orders.

I particularly adore the stuffed jacket potato (after years of experimentation I still don’t know exactly what cheese and herbs they use!), the carrot and coriander salad and the lemon cheesecake. With a cup of tea or a can of diet coke this selection of favourites usually costs me around £10.

Have you been to the Good Life? What did you think? What Good Life dishes do you love?

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4 Responses to Restaurant review – The Good Life, Shrewsbury

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  2. Burton says:

    But….. no meat? They could do all this delicious food, and also give our simple furry friends the gift of life. Glimmering, precious, numenous, life, thoughtfully curtailed at its height.

    Those quiche packing monsters. X.

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