Gift and Review Disclosure

Yogaspirit exists to show that people with living in the West with busy lives can effectively follow a traditional path of Yoga.

I talk a lot about:

  • Traditional Yoga and how I apply it to my life
  • Practices, techniques and strategies I use or have used
  • Services and products I buy for my own use including food and drink
  • Restaurants I visit
  • Activities I do
  • Yoga fashion

I do accept review samples and free products to review if I feel the product would interest my readership. Should those products appear in any post anywhere on the site, they will be identified as review items and/or listed as “courtesy of” the company of origin.

Compensation Disclosure
In the interest of full disclosure, I intend to create affiliate advertising relationships with a number of companies. When these relationships are in place I will receive commission from affiliate partners when readers either click through or buy their offers.

I will include a disclosure statement on every post/article where the direct action spoken of in the article will generate compensation (i.e. – if you click through a link, then I receive a commission).

Where products or services are no longer available I will identify similar products and services for sale and mark them as ‘similar’.

I will always link to useful products and services even if I can’t create an affiliate link that will earn me income. I will only link to vendors that I use or whose products and services meet my standards of purchase.

I intend to set up paid advertising through a relationship with the one of the blog ad networks. When this happens I will be paid for each impression of their advertising that appears on my website and receive additional compensation when readers click on an ad.

Commitment to Yogaspirit
I will not  recommend a product or promote anything that is inconsistent with the mission of Yogaspirit, even if I could make money from doing so.

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