My Henna Website

I am also a professional henna artist!

Yoga Journal – one of the best web resources for Yoga

Yoga Journal is an excellent web resource covering yoga poses, yoga lifestyle, health and yoga, yoga wisdom, yoga community, yoga conferences and yoga video.

The British Wheel of Yoga

The governing body for Yoga in the UK.

Gossypium Clothing – Brilliant Yoga Clothing

The Foldover Yoga Pants are absolutely brilliant! Gossypium say ‘You may not all do yoga in them, but by wearing out foldover waist trouser you are sharing one of the secrets of India. Our Indian friends, many of whom do yoga, told us that the most important thing in yoga clothing is to be warm and not restricted around the vital central organs of the tummy.’ They look super cool and really do keep you warm!

Asquith Clothing

Wellicious Clothing

Yoga Matters

Yoga Matters is one of the longest running independent purveyors of all things ‘Yoga’ and offers a vast range of products with fast and reliable customer service! All the staff practice Yoga so all the products are relevant and excellent value for money. Check out the vast selection of books, you can also buy Lonavla Yoga Institute titles from Yoga Matters!

The Yoga Shop

The Yoga Shop is a fantastic resource for all teachers and students. Not only is there a huge range of products for sale, they also hold regular weekend workshops and teacher training.

The Lonavla Yoga Institute

The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India) was founded in May 1996 by Dr.M.L. Gharote, who was a student and collaborator of Swami Kuvalyanana, Founder of the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute and a Pioneer of Scientific Yoga. The institute aims to revive ‘Traditional Yoga’ through a number of projects described on their website.

Yoga Scotland

Yoga Scotland (incorporating Scottish Yoga Teachers’ Association (SYTA)) was set up in 1988 after the dissolution of the Scottish Yoga Association with the same purpose of promoting yoga in all its aspects throughout Scotland, to provide courses etc. for the training of yoga teachers and providing seminars for anyone interested in yoga.

Local Links

Nathan and Quinn  on MySpace and their official website

Nathan and Quinn (formerly The Badgers) are a wonderful Jazz and Roots act, You can expect to hear a variety of traditional styles beautifully played including Gypsy Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, Celtic, Western Swing and Folk.

Bedouin Shiver

Fusion Bellydance from local teacher Cherie Jerrard. Bellydance classes, workshops and wonderful performances!

Sarasvati Yogi-Craft

Yoga accessories, Mats, carry bags, blocks and belts etc. Handicrafts from the East including genuine Tibetan jewellery made by refugees and Nepalese sacred jewellery. A wide range of BAFTS registered Fair Trade Handicrafts such as ethnic musical instruments, sound healing tools, Tibetan bells & hand made singing bowls, Buddhist and Hindu sculptures and statues. High Quality incense and accessories.

Restore Sports Massage


Professional Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy in Shrewsbury

Registered practitioner with the Intitute of Sport & Remedial Massage and the Complementary & Natural

Health Care Council

Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy specialises in the treatment of the body’s soft tissues. That includes

the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascias and the viscera. Deep, precise massage techniques and remedial

soft tissue manipulations are applied direct into problem areas to release, re-lengthen, re-strengthen and re-balance. Sports massage treatment is an enjoyable, often relaxing method of restoring and enhancing

vitality while keeping injuries at bay.

Tel: 07517 431223


National Links

DJ Pathaan

DJ Pathaan’s music is a wonderful backdrop to Yoga, I fully recommend Tandava, Global Sunset and Indian Sunset.


Wonderful English world music!

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